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Jane Eberlein in front of her shop Samarkand in 2012. Jane Eberlein started the shop in 1978.


Designer Jane Eberlein

Jane Eberlein has designed and manufactured her own exotic fur hats and accessories since 1978.
As an educated textile conservator in oriental embroidery and carpets, she has a rich background and knowledge of Oriental cultures, which she knows how to bring to her creations in the very best way, so that it blends into western trends and fashion.
Jane Eberlein`s fascination of ancient headdresses and garments with fur, began in early childhood, when she often went to the Ethnographic collection of the National Museum in Copenhagen.
The old cultures of Russia, Mongolia, Siberia, China and Tibet, inspired her to design and develop a large variety of models, created throughout the years.
Everything from hats, bags, gloves and shawls trimmed with fur. Latest Jane Eberlein has had great success with wrist and leg warmers in gorgeous brocades, trimmed and lined with fur.
Her sure sense of colours, her technique and fantasy within hand embroidery combined with her knowledge of tailoring and furriery, she has created unique and exclusive headdresses and accessories.
Each and every model is made from the first stitch, hand sewn in 100 % pure wool and brocades. Some models are hand embroidered with Swarovski crystals and pearls..
Jane Eberlein works with silk brocades from Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier a.o, as well as old embroideries from India and Japan.
She herself prepares all the fur and she works mostly in mink, fox, occasionally in sable.
The creations are classic and ageless as they give away great elegance.
Jane Eberlein´s fur hats and accessories have been used in fashion shows, both in and out of Denmark and she has sold to Queen Silvia´s furrier in Stockholm, The exclusive Bergdorf Goodman in New York, Neiman Marcus in Dallas, Toronto and latest in Paris in the fashion area around Avenue Montaigne.
In 1978, she opened Samarkand in the East of Copenhagen. A combination of atelier and boutique, where she in a colourful and inspiring interior (look under shops) creates and sells all of her creations.
Jane Eberlein is sole agent in Demark, but sells wholesale outside Denmark.



The Shop.

Exotic fur hats , inspired from ancient times on the Mongolian steppes, Russian Tsars, Chinese mandarins and Tibetan nomads, is to be found in Samarkand in the East part of Copenhagen.

Samarkand a combined boutique and atelier also sells very exclusive and different accessories from both Paris and India. A rich variety of colourful scarves, shawls, good quality wool hats, exotic jewellery, leather bags, gloves and furs. During the summer you will find beautiful skirts and blouses.
Jane Eberlein has a profound knowledge of the old oriental cultures and it is strongly felt in Samarkand, where she combines the colourful cultures of the Orient with the Western theme and fashion.
The exotic fur hats are still the great love of Jane Eberlein and she has created a rich variety of models, which is totally unique. Each and every fur hat is made by hand and she uses only the very best materials and fabrics.
Through out the years, Jane Eberlein`s fur hats have been sold in New York and Stockholm,
and latest in Paris in the fashion area around Avenue Montaigne.
Jane Eberlein works with brocades from Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gaultier and with silk brocades and embroideries from India and Japan. Several models are hand embroidered with Swarovski crystal. The fur hats are made of 100% wool and mounted only with the finest fur, mink, fox and occasionally sable. ( Look under Designer).
The latest big success has been her collection of wrist and leg warmers. Sewn of beautiful brocade and embroideries lined with the softest fur and edged with mink.
On woollen shawls in exotic and patterns she mounts fur pong pong´s, which gives the shawls a very sophisticated and exclusive look.
Samarkand on Østerbro, part of Copenhagen, Denmark is an experience. Here you will step into Aladdin’s cave, a colourful Mecca, where the atelier forms the frame around the exotic and exclusive fur hats and the great selection of accessories.



Atelier & Boutique

Dag Hammarskjoelds Alle 32.
2100. Copenhagen. Ø

phone: 35381445

SKYPE: janeeberlein